Slow down, tread slowly, slow and steady wins the race… these are all phrases we hear and tell ourselves, but slowing down can be actually pretty tough to implement in a culture where bigger, more, and hurry up are frantically imposed.

Whether we rush or not, snow falls, snow melts, clouds roll in and they roll out. Seasons pass while stones form into mountains and mountains erode into sand – all in their own time, not ours.


Urgency only creates undue stress on our minds and bodies, it doesn’t change the actual pace of things. When things seem unbearably urgent, remember, forward momentum is always with you, it just travels at different paces at different times.

Now, of course there are times to move quickly, such as in an emergency situation, that’s why our bodies have adrenaline. But there’s no need to tax our adrenal glands over little things like hustling around town on a random Tuesday or get frantic over spilt soy milk on the rug.

Try this:  Slow things down before they speed up

Next time you feel the frantic catching up with you:

 freeze your body,

take a breath,

and say in your mind I am going to consciously slow myself down – physical, emotionally, or in whatever way the situation calls.

That’s it. Use the power of your mind. Save the adrenals for a day when you really need them.


You know ideally, I want to say, go outside, take a walk, make a sketch, but let’s get real, when  exhausted in traffic and feel the urgency rise, or there’s chocolate smeared on the white cushion of your vintage Danish Modern chair by a child speeding for a meltdown, you just can’t always do the ideal thing.

But you can freeze for a 4 seconds…and change the tape in your mind – before letting the urgency autopilot take over, and saying or doing things you may regret later. Remember in most cases it really doesn’t matter how slowly you go, and staying peaceful prevents you from getting stopped.


Maybe after the situation has passed, and you have a few minutes, go outside, look at your favorite plant, reflect, and congratulate yourself on slowing down. & Perhaps later that week there will even be time to make a journal page about your slow down success!

Like the seed sprouts, it’ll all happen in good time, slowly. Because they tell us that good things come to those who wait, right?


How do you stop yourself when you feel the pressure building?

Share in the comments below!

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Seeds to Sprout:

Many women bear the weight of the world on our shoulders, and this taxes out our adrenal glands leading to a host of troubles including weight gain and seasonal allergies! Check out this adrenal support herbs you can drink as tea and even some may grow their own!

One of my favorite musicians, The Smittens, reminds us the the most wonder-filled twee way possible to “…Slow down, slow down, this is a public service announcement…” So, slow down & give this song a listen. Let a little smile come to your face with music!

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