Here is a little teaser for you from the Preface of the guide:

“If you can’t imagine twenty seven–year–olds being excited to eat kale, grow some at school and watch what happens! Demonstrate how to pick a leaf and eat it right off the plant outside. The wonder involved in a child’s connection to their food has proven many a parent, adamant that their child won’t eat vegetables, wrong. When they grow it, they eat it. Of course, a couple always decide that they don’t care for it after trying the new vegetable, but they stay excited about growing it nonetheless.”

If you have experience with children’s gardening you know what I am talking about here and if you don’t, get ready for the joy of seeing children enthusiastic about eating raw vegetables! If I had a quarter for every time a parent told me their child doesn’t like fresh vegetables and seen that same child devour food they grew straight off the plant I wouldn’t be rich, but I would go on a nice vacation! Children crave a connection to their food and when that connection is made they are excited to nourish their bodies with food that will make them tall, strong, and fast–3 favorite goals of elementary age children!

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