I am super excited to announce the August release of my first book Wings, Worms, and Wonder: A Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning Into Children’s Lives!

This parent, teacher, and community leader guide is born out of my childhood in my grandparent’s garden, years as a teacher, the questions I have been asked by parents and colleagues, and of course all the wonderful experiences I have had with children in my classroom and community gardens. I have devoted the past two years to graduate research contextualizing my  gardening experiences within the current studies surrounding the fields of progressive education, environmental education, activist art, and developmental psychology as related to nature connection in order to provide Wings, Worms, and Wonder‘s readers with the most up to date information on the importance of nature in children’s lives as well as the tried and true organic gardening methods I have learned through trial and error. Whether you have been gardening for years or are embarking on your first classroom garden, you are sure to find useful information and inspiration in this guide.

In keeping with the holistic nature of the guide, and with my personal environmental ethic, I am incredibly pleased to let you know that the book is printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks and cruelty free glues by 1984 Printing, a woman owned cooperative indie printer! I feel it is incredibly important to keep the guide’s production in line with the environmental ethic and sustainability values I am working to promote with this work. You can count on me to keep it real!

I truly feel like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis with this project and am so happy to share it with you! Check the site often for posts of fun lessons, printable activities, and new information surrounding keeping alive children’s senses of wonder and facilitating nature connection through art and gardening!

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