Have y’all checked out Periscope yet?

I know ANOTHER social media?!!! I can hardly stand it too! BUT….

I think this one might actually be really useful for you.

I’m not totally committed to this, so, to see how it works for me and the Wings, Worms, and Wonder community, for the month of…


July, I am going live on Periscope at 3pm eastern time, on Thursdays.


I’m thinking like a 3 tips at 3 on Thursday kind of thing. I think it could be an interesting platform where y’all could ask me specific and seasonal gardening questions, or whatever you want having to do with connecting with nature through art and organic gardening.

(Or ask any other things pressing on your mind like my fave vegan Mexican hot chocolate cookies recipe or fave botanical gardens to visit on Oahu or in Barbados, or whatever else you want to ask!)


I am NOT at all ever going to be ruled by updates and push notifications on my phone, so I would never expect that of you. That is why I am scheduling out my Periscope events rather than doing what seems to be the norm of just popping on whenever the whim hits and letting people’s phones interrupt them because I have something oh so important to say! NO WAY!

We can see how this works for us. Maybe we decide to do a monthly meet up or maybe these weekly things are good for now. I have a hard time seeing myself committing to social media every week, but we’ll see! I am staying open to the nouveau!


SO, if you would like,

join me Thursday at 3pm eastern time on Periscope @wingswormswondr for 3 garden tips! LIVE!

And if nothing else you can check out my backyard garden and see if I’ve been keeping up with my summer weeding!


I chose the time and day purely because of the alliteration, you know I love alliteration.

If a different time is more convenient for y’all, say so in the comments below!! 


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