Happy full moon! I have noticed the night sky is a popular topic on the children and nature front this week. Even I posted a link to a great moon journal project I found by the National Wildlife Federation on the Facebook page a couple days ago. I am guessing it is because of Wednesday’s full moon. Did you get a chance to see it? I saw it out in the afternoon big and bright over the mountains in a blue sky. Very pretty.


I’m not sure if I would like to see this in person or not?! (Photo credit)

January’s full moon is called the Wolf moon because it is said to have appeared when wolves were howling outside the villages in hunger. Yikes! Fortunately we don’t have to worry about wolves coming for us in the night, but livestock beware this month!


There may even be a review of Wings, Worms, and Wonder in this Winter 2014 issue! Maybe……..

We may not be in tune with the wolves outside our villages and we may have to remind ourselves to schedule time to get out and enjoy the phases of the moon, but we have many great resources to help keep us connected to nature in other ways. Webinars are a very user friendly way to get ideas to practically apply to daily life, in and out of the classroom, from inspiring people working in the field of nature integration. Green Teacher Magazine is offering some FREE webinars in February on a variety of subjects ranging form Nature-deficit  to resiliency to water quality monitoring.

If you haven’t heard of it, Green Teacher Magazine is a fantastic resource for K-12 teachers wanting to integrate environmental topics across their subject areas. It is a practitioners magazine written for teachers by those also in the field. This independent, not for profit, quarterly publication is now all online and delivered right to your inbox! If you haven’t checked it out, consider giving it a look!


Also, There is another school garden grant on the horizon, literally. It is due tomorrow, Friday the 17, but I bet you could pull something together! Let the full moon energize you and get exploring the night, learning through our global community, and remembering to make time for wonder and observation this winter!

What youth gardening topic would you like to see offered in a webinar? Let me know and I will try to make it happen! 

Seeds to Sprout:

Have a look at the FREE (!) Green Teacher Webinars and the magazine site

Download the National Wildlife Federation’s Moon Journal activity and template

Go Explore Nature has a great post this week on Winter Backyard Astronomy for Kids

NGA’s Kids Gardening is offering a $500 school garden grant due 1/17/14. Apply today– literally! (The online application says due 12/6/13, but I just got an email that it has been extended to the 17th. That could be a good sign for odds!)

FL teachers, the FL Humanities Council has some great agriculture and history based teacher education events this spring all around the state! Check them out.


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