Thursday is the autumnal equinox! That means fall is officially here in the northern hemisphere, even if it still feels like summer where you live!

Seasonal shifts are so interesting because of the changes they bring, not just the big weather shifts or the daylight hours, but the subtle changes. Like how there are more fish in the shore break in fall, or how the cannon ball jellies always pass through in November bringing with them increased dolphin playfulness.


Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to enter to win!


These nuances are some of the wonder-filled things you can capture in your nature journal. Creatively documenting nature’s shifts and seasons helps you stay connecting and offers you solace and strength when things in other areas of life may seem unstable.

So to celebrate the equinox and boost your creative connections,

I’m having a giveaway!!


Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to enter to win!

Glorious fall garden collard greens!

As most of you know, I’ve been a core teacher in the awesome Journey Within Course this year. The host and bookmaker extraordinaire, Kiala Givehand, is not only a friend, but an artist and poet I respect immensely. I can confidently say, she is an amazingly inspiring person!

So I am super excited to announce I’m giving away one more spot in the fall quarter of the course!!


Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to enter to win!


Here’s how you enter to win:

Answer the question below in the comments of this post by midnight (est) Wednesday, September 21.

Then, Thursday the 22, on the equinox, I will draw and announce a winner from the comments below!

If you are already part of the Journey Within, but still want to answer the question, just let me know. I’d still love to hear your answers!

Okay, ready? In the comments blow, tell me:


What is your favorite super special fall nature experience? 


This is the experience that surpasses all others up to now. The experience you will never forget and love to tell every human and animal you know about because it is so special you feel one day the story may blow someones mind and inspire them to immerse themselves in a life filled with creative nature connections!! OH YEAH!!!

If you’ve yet to have yours, tell me what experience you’d love to have. What nature experience would change your life? Swimming with manatee as they head up the springs for warmer water? Seeing the Northern Lights? Harvesting veggies for a family dinner with your grandpa? Going camping for the first time? Seeing snow? Seeing palm trees? Seeing an elephant?


Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to enter to win!

Maybe you love planting your fall garden more than anything else? I like that a lot too. We planted our late summer early fall garden last weekend.

What about watching dolphins play catch with a cannon ball jelly fish a few feet away from you on a crisp November morning while you surf great clean glassy waves with only your sweet pea and one remarkably positive neighborhood 12 year old? (Yep, that’s mine!)

Okay!! So let me hear them! I want you to win this prize!


Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to enter to win!

Fall means papayas ripen! See the subtle hint of yellow on that back one? Yay!!!

Remember to share your creative nature experiences on Instagram #wingswormsandwonder!

That’s where I’m posting lots of fun creative nature connection inspiration everyday!

Seeds to Sprout:

Can’t wait to enter to win and just want to jump into the Journey Within today! I totally understand!! Use my link to join us for the quarter or get the whole year of weekly art journal activities and monthly book & journal making tutorials! So awesome! Just click here!


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Celebrate the fall equinox with a Wings, Worms, and Wonder nature journal giveaway! Click through to check out the new coloring book and enter to win!


Want to jump in on a little creative nature coloring to relax in the evenings? Well, check out my new mini coloring book, the Flora of Fun! It features 3 coloring pages each featuring a few flowers with their names and symbolism! Unwind to the creative beauty of nature!



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  1. Oh I love your question, I love taking the fallen leaves from the trees and make leaves prints either by putting paint on them and printing them on paper or putting them under paper and rubbing a crayon on top of the paper, very simple but lovely what we get out of nature, thank you so much for this giveaway and for reminding us always how beautiful is nature and that we need to enjoy it. thanks a million

  2. Last September I went to northern Norway. One evening we saw some spectacular Northern Lights, we were out in the mountains by a lake. Pure magic! But I can’t decide if this was my favourite moment, or the moment two days later when we stopped at a beautiful beach at a fjord, and a humpback whale appeared and swam by just a couple of meters! They come into the fjords in winter, but usually not in september! Let’s just call it this trip to Norway, as I just can’t decide which of those two was more magical and special 😉
    But even without those very special moments this is my favourite seasons. With the harvest, the colours, the migrating birds

    1. Sabrina! Awesome!! We went to Norway this past July and it is hands down one of my favorite places in the world – totally magical. I’d love to go further north to Tromso and see the northern lights there!! We only made it as far north as bjorke to the fjord there this trip.

      1. We stayed in Tromso! A great place to stay, easy to travel to, a lovely town with everything you need, and amazing nature everywhere around! Go in october, the nights are long enough to see northern lights, daylight is still available, and the whales start to come into the fjords! November would be better for northern lights and whales, but it’s cold and dark with just a few hours of daylight. The landscape around town is breathtaking!

  3. I am disabled and am housebound during the winter. I DREAD winter’s arrival knowing that a bout of severe depression will accompany it, so every fall I plant tulips. This fall I am planting 200 more, yellow, red, white and purple. Just knowing that they are sleeping underground through the bitter winter and will bloom as soon as the snow melts gets me through the dark months. Their tenacity and resurrection power give me such hope when things look their bleakest, and make my heart wild with joy in the spring.

  4. I always loved Fall, and enjoy watching the change of colours. I love to go for long walks and take hundreds of photo’s. But this year it looked like I wasn’t able to enjoy it ever again. After two strokes I have eye problems but I am working on that. The bigger problem was me not being able to walk. Only for 5 minutes I could walk without too much pain, but with a walkingstick. But last week they told me I could get some special shoes so just before the end of the year, at the end of Fall 2016 I hopefully will be able to take a nice walk again enjoy the last of the colours and the awesome sunsets. So, my best fall experience has still to come and happen, but the excitement I allready feel, makes me feel over the moon, as if faling in love.

    1. Riya, I love that you are eagerly anticipating the experience and I know you will be out there walking in the fall nature before you know it!!! That’s the healing power of nature!!

  5. Pumpkin! The thing Iove the most about autumn is pumpkin, cause you can make everything with it. Soep, cake, mush, pie, you can eat the pumpkin seeds, you can use it for halloween, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin toppong, pumpkin curry and so on. And punpkin never gets boing cause there are so many different pumpkins …. Unfortunately I do not have space to grow my own punpkin but in my fantasie all these wonderful different pumpkins grow!!

    1. Yes Anke!! So true!! There are so many wonderful things to do with pumpkin!! So much more than just pies and baking!I love pumpkin curry too!!!

  6. What I love about fall is going to an apple orchard where they let you pick your own apples. I go with friends and the kids and it is so much fun to try the different varieties. We also stock up on fresh apple cider and apple butter before heading home. At home we then pick a few of the more tart apples and make apple crisp while warming up the cider with a cinnamon stick. While the apple crisp is baking we sit in the family room with our friends and work on a fun jigsaw puzzle while sipping hot cider. The kids usually find other games to play on the floor around us. When the crisp is ready we serve it up with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream! Awesome! When is is time to go we share the various types of apples we picked so everyone has a cool variety to go home with. I look forward to this every year!

    1. Patty that sounds totally glorious!!!! So sensorial and such a great way to bring nature home!!! I love it!! Delicious! Growing up in VA we used to pick apples too. I feel like I can feel and smell just what you are describing!

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