In previous posts I have mostly been relaying information, so this week I am posing an opportunity to put all your new environmental smarts into action! Many believe in the idea that small changes, when done collectively, can create large impacts on the environment. This week I would like to introduce you to the Northwest Earth Institute’s 2012 EcoChallenge. They firmly support the idea that small changes at home will effect greater global sustainability and so for the next 2 weeks are challenging us to step up and commit to making environmental changes in our everyday lives. And, as a bonus, they are even offering prizes! (There is even an Orion Magazine subscription!)

I have created a Wings, Worms, and Wonder team you can sign up under so we can cheer each other on in our attempts to make sustainable changes in our lives. The EcoChallenge runs from 10/1 through 10/15, so you should join it now before it is too late!

If you decide to join, you get to pick the area in which you will make a change. They include: water conservation, energy efficiency, sustainable food options, alternative transportation, trash reduction, and choose your own. Each area provides a list of lots of actions to choose from, and to be very honest many are quite easy. You may find that you are already doing many of them, I know I did. (Give yourself a pat on the back!) If you choose the Sustainable Food Options you could use the activities in your new Wings, Worms, and Wonder book or last week’s Wonder Wednesday activity to help achieve your goal!

I chose water conservation because I have been thinking about Florida’s fresh water supply a lot lately in relation to the health of the aquifer and spring system. I have been wanting to collect the water that runs while the shower is heating up to use to water the garden for quite a while now and just not gotten around to it, so this is just the kick in the pants I needed. I am also going to work very hard to get Sean (my sidekick) to take drastically shorter showers, as well as take 5 minute showers myself even on hair washing days.

Learn more about the EcoChallenge here and then join the team through the link above! Our conscious actions today will create a sustainable world for the kids tomorrow! Let’s get started!

Check in often and post your successes often to ensure that you are entered in the raffle and post your EcoChallenge actions on the Facebook page to show off your success and commitment!

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