Why do I do this blog and the work  of creatively connecting people with nature? Why do you work so hard to do what you do and collaborate with me on connecting more and more people with nature? Because we love it right? Because we have to or we feel terrible. Because there is something in each of us that is driving us to work for a better, greener, slower, happier, beyond just sustainable, peaceful future. We want the future to hold endless possibility, abundant diversity, inherent equality for all human and nonhuman life, and fresh clean air, water, and food for all of us to share fairly.


I want all children and their grow-ups to know their biological, genetic, and emotional ties to the natural world. Like Carl Sagan says, we are all made of the same stuff, star stuff. We are all the same at the molecular level.

Why bother to define your why? Well, I’d say knowing why you do and believe the things you do gives you a road map for life. It sets parameters and defines ethics and behaviors. It helps you get to know you better. It helps you understand your sense of place. It helps you to better understand you ecological identity. It helps you take a step back and evaluate your life and your impact on others’ lives. Maybe your why has changed since you began. You have grown and evolved and so has your why. I reevaluate my why each August and each year I realize something new about my path.

sonia tree

In the afternoon, neighborhood trees should always have kids in them.

When Spiritual accountant and money coach Clarissa Wilson invited me to guest post on her blog on the topic of defining your why, my enthusiasm for this topic lead the way! Check out my guest post and then tell me how you define your why.


I want to know how you define your why! Share with us in the comments below

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Carl Sagan you definitely knew how to define your why!

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