It’s Day 3 of the Draw Yourself Back to Nature fall blog hop!!!

Hop with me over to the blog of illustrator, printmaker, childhood fish catcher, and nature lover

Yuko Miki of Honeyberry Studios!!

Hop over to her blog Honeyberry Diary to access her tutorial and be sure to comment to be entered to win an original nature drawing!!! Have you seen Yuko’s nature drawings? I adore them and I know you will too!!

I can’t wait to get one for myself! This busy bee has 2 art shows up at the moment, so if you are in Seattle be sure to check them out and grab an original Yuko Miki work for yourself!

Check out Yuko’s Hop Post here!

Original illustration by Honeyberry Studios! Click through to get a free tutorial on how to make a similar illustration and to join the WIngs, Worms, and Wonder Draw Yourself Back to Nature ecourse!

Win the original illustration from Yuko’s tutorial!!!

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More about Yuko:

Yuko Miki of Honeyberry studios is participating in the draw yoruself Back to Nature blog hop! Click to check out her post!!Yuko Miki is a mix-media artist, illustrator, and print-maker born and raised in a small town in Japan.  She grew up surrounded by nature, playing make-beliefs in her family’s vegetable gardens and rice paddies.

Yuko lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, their black kitty, Sheppie, and two budgie parakeets, Gerty and Lenny.

Yuko will be giving away a small original nature drawing!!! (So awesome!! Can I win?)

Yuko’s Blog:

Website: Honeyberry Studios   Facebook: Honeyberry Studios

Instagram @honeyberrystudios   Etsy: Honeyberry Studios


Seeds to Sprout:

Tomorrow we’ll be hopping over to the blog of Carolyn Lucento of the Magical Movement Company!

Check back here on this blog Tuesday, October 13, for the announcement of all the hop giveaway winners!

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