It’s Blog Hop day 2!!!

Today we’re hopping over to the blog of artist, mother, city dweller, and nature lover

Jade Kuei, aka MUMBOT!

Hop over to her blog MUMBOT , check out her art work and her “Mossy vintage science poster” hop tutorial, inspired by the nature’s whispers theme in the course.

create this vintage style science poster on the stylized moss character "Mossy" for the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse!

Fun and function all in one awesome moss inspired vintage science style poster. I love it!!

While you’re learning to make one of your own, remember to comment to be entered to win a Moleskine Journal that Jade hand decorated the cover! Double bonus – not only can you win a new Moleskine journal, you win original Mumbot artwork and a Mossy button too!

Here's how MUMBOT creates this vintage style science poster on the stylized moss character "Mossy" for the Wings, Worms, and Wonder Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse!

Jade says, “Mossy the Moss Spirit” is one of my kawaii characters who makes the moss foraging hobby cross-over into my art life!”

I can’t wait to have my own original MUMBOT piece one day soon and to make a MUMBOT inspired vintage science poster this week!!

Her work is the perfect balance between cute, spooky, and nature fun!

Check out Jade’s Hop Post here!

Moleskin journal decorated by Jade Kuei!! Click though and comment to win!

Isn’t this journal Jade made beautiful?!!! And you get a button of Mossy from the tutorial!

Be sure to comment on her post to be entered to win!!

Register for Draw Yourself Back to Nature at the early bird price here!

Register for Friday’s live journal making tutorial and Q&A hour here!


More about Jade:

Join Jade Kuei, Mumbot, in the Draw yoruself Back to Mature blog hop!

Jade Kuei a.k.a. “MUMBOT” (b. 1981) is a new media artist, designer, illustrator and animator. Ms. Kuei graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2003, focusing on fine art and two-dimensional animation.


In her free time she has been hard at work developing powerful creative formulas. Kuei illustrates whimsical yet haunted abstractions of her own dreams and experiences. Her kids and their superpowers, nature, science and everything creepy & cute have been catalysts of inspiration.
Jade will be giving away a Moleskin journal with a hand drawn cover!! (WOW!!!! Seriously!!)
Jade’s website:

Website: Portfolio of Jade Kuei  Facebook: Jade Kuei   Twitter: @mumbot

Tumbler: @mumbot  Instagram: @mumbot    Etsy: Mumbot


Seeds to Sprout:

Tomorrow we’ll be hopping over to the blog of Yuko Miki of Honeyberry Studios!

Check back here on this blog Tuesday, October 13, for the announcement of all the hop giveaway winners!

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  1. I want to comment on Jade’s blog hop. I really like the idea of making the educational posters like she did with the mosses and then sewing the dowels on them to hang. This would be so perfect for the older students I work with who would also love the idea of creating a little character to go with their research! Very cute and a way to motivate the creative juices! I will have fun making my own to show them!

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