I had such fun teaching an insect anatomy nature journal class last week, that I

Wonder Wednesday 71: Draw a Damsel Fly

As soon as the weather warms, everyone starts thinking about growing tomatoes. Biting straight into

Go to Battle with Armyworms

For me, traveling really sparks creativity. All the new sights and scenes bring so many

Sewing and Sowing: Smooth Systems & the Art of Sophie Standing

I am so happy to present this incredible guest post by Tuesday’s interviewee, bee expert

The Wonderful World of Native Bees: Guest Post by Jamie Pawelek!

To celebrate the last week of Honeybee month I have quite a treat for you!

Bee-yond Honeybees! An Interview with Jamie Pawelek

Happy full moon! This month’s featured moon is the corn moon. September’s moon gets this

A Corn Moon and a Backyard Beekeeper: Interview With Peggy Nolan

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and was able to do at least

Summer Picnics and Planting

This week has been really interesting in my yard. There have been so many busy

New Nests

  Living at the beach in Florida, sharks are a common topic of conversation. Florida

Sharks with waterman Ryan McInnis!!