Yay! Summer's almost here!Boo, it's still a pandemic. As we roll toward a 3rd (!!)

2022 Summer Reading Fun!

Nurturing LifeJust as the necrosphere provides the nutrients that help life thrive, how does the

Wonder Wednesday 118: Growing Gifts

The What? (& Is that a dead lizard?)The necrosphere & yes, ants were eating it

The Necrosphere

The Art of Guadalupe MaravillaWe can't talk about the Salvadorian game Tripa Chuca in America

Wonder Wednesday 117: Let’s Play Tripa Chuca!

  Sherry Turkle (MIT Professor) "Boredom is your imagination calling to you." I'm Bored -

Boredom and Imagination

Taking It Back Sewing and gardening have been, for centuries, often seen as women's work,

Wonder Wednesday 116: Craftivism, Nature, and Equal Rights

Happy Women's History Month!March is women's history month, so what better way to celebrate than

Nature’s Way

Backyard Bird Count 2022! This past long weekend was the Cornell Ornithology Lab's annual Backyard

Wonder Wednesday 115: Black Birding & Draw a Bird on It!

“I amount to nothing to the world and people care nothing of me. I am

People & Planet: Principles Inspired by Lucy Parsons

​A snow day hike in the woods really works up an appetite! So this Wonder

Wonder Wednesday 114: Snow Day Maple Taffy

Recently I was working with I Believe in Montessori, and as you may guess, the

Incredible Icebergs

Wonder Wednesday 113!Winter Solstice 2021 is December 21, technically at 10:59 am in the Northern

Wonder Wednesday 113: Solstice Snowflakes

  It's Wonder Wednesday 111! This month we can relax with a bit of fall

Wonder Wednesday 111: Second Spring Printable

"Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun."Recently, a 9 year old and 14 year

From Fallingwater to Florida: Nature Inspiration by Frank Lloyd Wright

Mushrooms & Fungi GaloreEarlier in the summer I was chatting with my 9 year old

Fungi and Foxfire