Happy Women's History Month!March is women's history month, so what better way to celebrate than

Nature’s Way

Living and Dying in HarmonyThe past couple weeks/months have been tests and lessons in my

Moss Glitters in Reply

  Feedback?! Don’t cover your ears. I promise this type of feedback loop won’t cause

Feedback Loops in Life and Nature

  This week’s post is different. This spring and this past week have been different.

Ally is a Verb: An offering

  It’s Montessori Education Week! So to celebrate, this Wonder Wednesday activity is adapted from

Wonder Wednesday 90: Early Childhood Nature Journling

  Happy autumnal equinox week! This month’s exploration of the sublime aspects of nature and the

Wonder Wednesday 85: Make an Action Inspiration Jar – with PDF!

  “We are experiencing sublime conditions of horror, you know?” ~Erica Moiah James, an assistant

Beyond Hurricane Dorian: Sublime Connections

  In the current flashy fast modern life, I dare to say ordinary is exactly what

Let Ordinary Be Extraordinary: A Confessional

  This quote is my wish for my birthday – because today is my birthday

Order, Harmony, Beauty

  It’s a bizarre, fragile, and disturbing political time engulfing us here in the states. I

Art vs. Reality

I don’t know about y’all, but the past year has been a life rollercoaster like

Flowers In Joy and Sadness

  I saw this quote recently and I thought what a perfect reminder. As we

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

  Maria Montessori lived in Italy and Europe through 2 world wars, including a Fascist

Education for Peace

  This great quote on birdsongs is from the book by Florence Williams, The Nature

Seed Swap: Salubrious Birdsongs

Did you know last week was National Wildflower Week? If not, never fear, you can

May Your Life Be Like a Wildflower