Access to Nature is a Birthright Why, on a planet on which all humans evolved

Outdoors for All!

Happy Women's History Month!March is women's history month, so what better way to celebrate than

Nature’s Way

Living and Dying in HarmonyThe past couple weeks/months have been tests and lessons in my

Moss Glitters in Reply

  Feedback?! Don’t cover your ears. I promise this type of feedback loop won’t cause

Feedback Loops in Life and Nature

  This week’s post is different. This spring and this past week have been different.

Ally is a Verb: An offering

  It’s Montessori Education Week! So to celebrate, this Wonder Wednesday activity is adapted from

Wonder Wednesday 90: Early Childhood Nature Journling

  Happy autumnal equinox week! This month’s exploration of the sublime aspects of nature and the

Wonder Wednesday 85: Make an Action Inspiration Jar – with PDF!

  In the current flashy fast modern life, I dare to say ordinary is exactly what

Let Ordinary Be Extraordinary: A Confessional

  This quote is my wish for my birthday – because today is my birthday

Order, Harmony, Beauty

  It’s a bizarre, fragile, and disturbing political time engulfing us here in the states. I

Art vs. Reality

I don’t know about y’all, but the past year has been a life rollercoaster like

Flowers In Joy and Sadness

  I saw this quote recently and I thought what a perfect reminder. As we

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

  Maria Montessori lived in Italy and Europe through 2 world wars, including a Fascist

Education for Peace

  This great quote on birdsongs is from the book by Florence Williams, The Nature

Seed Swap: Salubrious Birdsongs

Did you know last week was National Wildflower Week? If not, never fear, you can

May Your Life Be Like a Wildflower