Happy Wonder Wednesday 110!September marks the birthday of this blog. And today, we mark 110

Wonder Wednesday 110! Flowing Fall Flora

  Are you totally confused as to what this bizarre blog title has to do

The Quirky Days of May: Time to Celebrate Orange Peels, Sea Monkeys, & Mothers

Travel always brings variables, some more exciting than others. So last week when our connecting

Underground Gardening at the Lowline

This past weekend we were in NYC for an exhibit opening my partner had 3

Art, Garden, Life: Frida in NYC

Eco Art is a broad term to describe genre of art that addresses the human

Eco Art: Connection Fueled by Creativity

Well, I’m back down inFlorida and though my garden seems to have fared the past

Rocks Rock!

Scavenging? This month I want to get you out and exploring place because with school

Wonder Wednesday #12: Connecting to Place through Scavenging

Nothing sparks wonder and refreshes the mind like new experiences, so wish me bon voyage

Hit the Road, Trail, or Creek for Summer Fun!

When I was young, I really liked microscopes. I had one, a little more than

Microscopes as Art Tools? Yes!

To round out this scale winged mini-series, I thought I would talk about a few

Butterfly:Chrysalis :: Moth:Cocoon

  Going through the photos I took at the Florida Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Rainforest

Scale Winged Wonder

In the iconic John Hughes movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, Ferris reminds us that, “Life

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off