Monster Watercolor!It's July and that means it's World Watercolor Month!To celebrate, this month we'll have

Watercolor Month Monstera!

The Art of Guadalupe MaravillaWe can't talk about the Salvadorian game Tripa Chuca in America

Wonder Wednesday 117: Let’s Play Tripa Chuca!

Taking It Back Sewing and gardening have been, for centuries, often seen as women's work,

Wonder Wednesday 116: Craftivism, Nature, and Equal Rights

  Happy Wonder Wednesday! Whether you’ve been out in the streets working for justice, up in

Wonder Wednesday 96: Plantain First Aid Salve

  Symmetry is a great topic to creatively explore because of all the opportunities nature

Wonder Wednesday 77: Nature Symmetry Drawn 3 Ways

  Today, a respected colleague said how as teachers, it’s important to get students thinking about

Just Add Water? No Thanks.

  Happy Wonder Wednesday 74! Do you find that the transition seasons (fall and spring)

Wonder Wednesday 74: Leafy Resist

  All things fall are upon us here in the northern hemisphere and that means everything

Fall Round-Up! 10 fun ideas to get you celebrating the season!

  Happy first Wonder Wednesday of fall 2018! Last Saturday was the autumnal equinox. Did you

Wonder Wednesday 73: Nature Card Printables

Happy Wonder Wednesday 66! February is the thick of winter, so if your neck of

Wonder Wednesday 66: Petal Painting

  Did you check out yesterday’s post for 7 ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice?

Wonder Wednesday 64: Evergreen Solstice Tea!

  It’s the last day of October, and starting tomorrow life will shift into full speed holiday mode.

A Little Art and A Little Nature Everyday: 4 Challenges

    Happy Wonder Wednesday 62!  This month, we went live again! Yay! It was so

Wonder Wednesday 62: Process Nature Art

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   I’m so excited to announce that my newest book – Pressed: An Herbarium

Summer Flower Pressing Fun is Here! Pressed Release & Giveaway Today!

  It’s time to play! Last week we talked about tips for the actual pressing

Playing With Pressed Flowers: 5 Ideas for what to do with pressed flowers