If you can't catch them, draw them!Let's tap back into that childhood wonder of catching

Wonder Wednesday 123: Paint a Flickering Firefly

Fireflies vs Lightning BugsDepending on where you grew up, you may call those summer night

Fall Fireflies

Today’s Guest Post is by Angela Thomas. She made this really killer graphic that gives

Organic Gardening & Summer Bugs

Have you been seeing lots of really cool close up pictures lately and wondering how

Macro Magic: Tiny Photo Tricks

Happy February!! Happy 2/2! Make a wish! I am super excited to start off the

Maintain a Family Friendly Garden

When life gets hectic or the world feels overwhelming, a little break in nature is just

Bugs, Flowers, & Finding Peace in Nature

I thought it would be fun to shake things up this summer, so this month

Bee the Change: An Interview with Justin of Stubbees!

As soon as the weather warms, everyone starts thinking about growing tomatoes. Biting straight into

Go to Battle with Armyworms

"A garden is like a puppy, everybody wants one, but they have to be taken

10 Spring Gardening Tips

"Best of all, I shall remember the monarchs..." Rachel CarsonI think many would agree with

Migrating like a Monarch

Species families are so interesting to me. When Darwin was traveling around the world visiting

Monarch Adaptations to the Crown (Flower)

Recently, I was just sitting on the floor, shelling a nice late harvest of black

Bugs in the Beans

What can you do today to make time for a moment in nature? Share in

Seed Swap: Months vs. Moments

If you follow Wings, Worms, and Wonder on social media, especially Instagram, you may be

Time for Wonder

The first time I was attacked by fire ants was 20 years ago while visiting friends in

Playing With Fire (Ants): A Saga and Recipe