It’s a double activity month! Since so many of us are staying home, I thought hey,

Wonder Wednesday 92: 4 Step Flower Pot

    What better time to celebrate the corpse flower than in a Halloween week

Wonder Wednesday 86: Draw a Corpse Flower

  It’s spring garden time! Even in those places where snow may still be on

Getting Out in the Garden

  The August guest post series continues with more fun ideas for creating themes for

Mid-Century Inspired Garden with Helen Bradford

  Amy is back again this summer! She’s traveling and taking great photos along the

Nature Photo Tips with Amy Parmelee!

  If I’ve said it once to my students, I’ve said it a hundred times

Eat & Grow a Rainbow with Richard Fletcher

  Now that August is here, how’s the garden looking? A little crazy? Tight and

5 Tips to Renovate Your Garden and Create Your Own Whimsical Place with Derek Lotts!

Vermont in the summer, vacations, and sheep too? Does it get much more fun? I

Visiting With Vermont Sheep with Amy Parmelee

Travel always brings variables, some more exciting than others. So last week when our connecting

Underground Gardening at the Lowline

Today’s Guest Post is by Angela Thomas. She made this really killer graphic that gives

Organic Gardening & Summer Bugs

Today I am really excited, I know I say that a lot but I’m especially

Draw Deeper Artist Interviews: Johanna of Fiorere

Did you know April is National Poetry Month in the states? Did that question make

Fear Poetry? I challenge you!

Since being in VA, I’ve been hanging around with my 3 year old nephew a

Wonder Wednesday 41: Nature Writing

So true!!!  For much of the world winter is the time to enjoy relaxing and

Seeds Swap: In Winter, Enjoy

In the spirit of summer vacation, I am excited to introduce a 2 week guest

Vacay at a Farm Stay with Amy Parmelee!!