Fireflies vs Lightning BugsDepending on where you grew up, you may call those summer night

Fall Fireflies

The What? (& Is that a dead lizard?)The necrosphere & yes, ants were eating it

The Necrosphere

Species families are so interesting to me. When Darwin was traveling around the world visiting

Monarch Adaptations to the Crown (Flower)

Happy almost summertime Wonder Wednesday!! School’s out (or nearly out) for summer which = summer

Wonder Wednesday 21: Natural Insect Repellent

If the children in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they love

Birds of a Feather Learn Together!

Transitions can sometimes be tough and this year’s winter/spring transition has been less than smooth

Transitions and Transformations

A couple weeks ago I was hiking with a group of people, including my sister,

Real Lichen Aren’t Werewolves

Hiking in the mountain woods has really gotten me thinking about he importance of biodiversity.

Beautiful Biodiversity

Wonder Wednesday # 13: Honeycomb Exploration  (Lesson inspired by and adapted from  The Handbook of

Wonder Wednesday #13: Honeycomb Exploration

Scavenging? This month I want to get you out and exploring place because with school

Wonder Wednesday #12: Connecting to Place through Scavenging

I am so happy to present this amazing guest post by superb writer, journal instructor,

Journaling and Children: It’s a natural fit by Joanna Tebbs-Young!

  Going through the photos I took at the Florida Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Rainforest

Scale Winged Wonder

Photo credit: Wonder Wednesday Bagel Bird Feeders Supplies: Nature journals, rulers, pencils and/or crayons Scissors

Wonder Wednesday #8- Birdseed Bagels

I was recently exposed to this very interesting upcoming film project by father and son

Learning to See

  Living at the beach in Florida, sharks are a common topic of conversation. Florida

Sharks with waterman Ryan McInnis!!