Fireflies vs Lightning BugsDepending on where you grew up, you may call those summer night

Fall Fireflies

  I had such fun teaching an insect anatomy nature journal class last week, that I

Wonder Wednesday 71: Draw a Damsel Fly

  If you follow me on Instagram, You may be following along with the growth

Eat, Poop, Repeat: The Life of a Caterpillar

  It’s officially spring now in the northern hemisphere, and officially autumn in the southern.

Wonder Wednesday 67: Nature’s Signs Scavenger Hunt with PDF!

I think cardinals are totally adorable. Their pointy head feathers look like funny hats and I love how

Wonder Wednesday 65: Draw Cute Winter Cardinals step by step

Happy Wonder Wednesday #48!! Today’s Wonder Wednesday post marks 4 full years of Wonder Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday #48: Silhouettes, Surveys, & Surprises!

Vermont in the summer, vacations, and sheep too? Does it get much more fun? I

Visiting With Vermont Sheep with Amy Parmelee

This post may seem strange to those of you who know I’m vegan, but believe

Learn Green with the Greenwings

From STEM and STEAM, to iPads in preschools, to a phone in just about everyone’s hand

Technology and Nature with Amy Parmelee!

In the spirit of summer vacation, I am excited to introduce a 2 week guest

Vacay at a Farm Stay with Amy Parmelee!!

Observation. Sure it means to look carefully, to study something closely, often with only our


One of the things I most love about nature, and botany in particular, is that

Ho’omaluhia. The More You Learn, the Less You Know

If you follow Wings, Worms, and Wonder on social media, especially Instagram, you may be

Time for Wonder

The first time I was attacked by fire ants was 20 years ago while visiting friends in

Playing With Fire (Ants): A Saga and Recipe

Tuesday we covered the harvesting basics that we can control, so today let’s look at

To Pick or Not To Pick: a mini-course in harvesting, Part 2