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Kelly here! Haven’t the hoppers been wonderful? I find each of them very inspiring and I love how they each express the concept of creative nature connection in different ways.

From all weather outdoor exploration, to holistic education, to bountiful school gardening, each of these blog hoppers are really making the world a better place. I am so happy to be able to showcase their work and hope you found something that spoke to you in each of them like I do.

Today, I offer you a few more techniques that you may have missed or simply not had time to jump into during the school year. Well, it’s summer now, so let these give you an excuse to slow things down and get creative to relax, to connect, and to grow!!

Try this Nature Connection Treasure Hunt fun sheet from the Draw Yourself Back to Nature Blog Hop!

Or try this Wonder Wednesday 7 Day Sketch activity and fun sheet to get into a time for nature everyday routine!

Why nature journal anyway? Discover why in this post. Or what is it about observation that is so important anyway? Find out in this post.


What’s keeping you from joining the fun? Grow closer to the nature outside your door!!! Let’s get outside, get connecting, and play with paint!!

I’m here to guide you and Dawn, Rob, and many more wonderful people of all ages from around the world embarking on the journey of creative nature connection are waiting to get to know you in the online course community! It is so fun!!! Jump in with us!!

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So now that you have hopped into each of their worlds, what spoke most deeply to you?

What ideas did you take from each of their experiences? How do you feel inspired to creatively connect to your natural world or help your students and family connect?

How can you slow down and make room for nature everyday?

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Winners will be announced in the Tuesday 6/30 blog post!!!

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  1. thanks for all the inspiration this week, Kelly! I find myself pulled in so many directions (even over the summer) that sometimes I don’t make the time for the things that energize me (like spending time in nature!) I am going to do my best to make the time for the great outdoors….starting today. I’ve got a pack of green beans to plant.

    1. Thank you for joining the hop Beth! I totally understand. I have to actually schedule time too, but that’s okay! As long as we make the time. That’s one reason I started making these courses is because the give people an excuse to just go outside, look at things, slow down, and connect! It’s the homework!

  2. I think for a lot of people observe nature is the easy part. Nature journaling comes a little bit harder as it takes self control to be still and quiet. This is especially true for my kids. It therefore needs to be an intentional activity; a planned activity. We have to make the time. One thing that helps us to play some classical music in the background or turn on the white noise machine with the waterfall sound.

    1. It’s true. Luckily when you start to draw, if you stick with it, you will slow down. In Draw Yourself Back to Nature I talk about ways to slow yourself down when you start to journal, because it can be tough to shake off the rush of modern life.

  3. I think the biggest thing I took away this week is that I really need to find the time to help my kids record what they see. My littlest is especially observant and if I just pause with her and we have a way of “collecting” those experiences that is easily accessible then we can hang onto those moments. Thanks for a great week!

    1. That is awesome Chiska! And then once they record it in their journals, to share it. The recording and then sharing with trusted peers or adults, helps them assimilate their experiences and observations. I talk about that more in depth in Draw Yourself Back to Nature too!

  4. So much inspiration and ideas to mull on for the weekend and beyond!
    If I take a hard, sincere look at our family life, I have to say that one easy way to get more nature time would be to limit how long we spend in front of screens, be it checking email on our phone, idly browsing the net, or watching cartoons. All of which is not an ideal way to spend time, but sometime easy when we’re tired and looking for entertainment.

    1. That is true for me too Tallulah! For a nature centric job, I have to spend a lot of time in front of a screen. It’s all about balance. Technology and screens are part of our world, and like Montessori says We must prepare the children for their world. by grounding them in nature, we give them a support structure for the abstract tech world as well as give them a comforting and relaxing place in which to return post screen time!

  5. If you are a beginner, start small with a potted plant and go from there! Whether at home or in the classroom, it is so fun, joyful, exciting to watch things grow. Taking daily walks bring along a field guide to identify a tree, plant or bird along the way; take along a bag to collect small stones, cute acorns, pretty feathers, interesting leaves, etc. soon you will be hooked! Grow an herb garden, some mint, some vegetables and use them in new recipes. Each new step into nature will bring you closer to a deeper sense of appreciation, peacefulness, in our natural world. Explore, create and enjoy! I loved reading about all the different daily hoppers and will be following their blogs, websites regularly now. Thanks for all you do and I love your e course idea!

    1. That’s what I always say too! Start small!! There are many wonders to discover in tiny nature if you just start looking! These are all excellent suggestions!

  6. I liked the idea of making thumbnail drawings. A whole blank page can be so intimidating, especially if one isn’t confident in one’s skills. To make one, tiny drawing of an observation each day is a nice challenge. (Although, doing anything extra daily is sometimes challenge in itself!)

  7. This is what I struggle with! I find it hard to take the time to SLOWly enjoy it…I’m always in a rush to spot the next amazing thing along the path, etc. I am hoping to teach myself to look at one square foot or so for a few minutes a day to notice changes, rather than rushing along.

    1. Slowing down is the key, it can be a challenge, and someday’s it’s harder than others for sure! I made a lesson in my book called Life in A Square that it similar to your idea of examining a small defined space repeatedly over a period of time. It is amazing what reveals itself!

  8. I think I need to make it a habit to take time every day to observe nature and draw in my nature journal. It’s not something that comes easily for me, but I know I want to model this for my children as well as for my own sake.

    1. It’s so true Nelleke. A little bit of time everyday, makes a huge impact. The daily sketch activity is always one of the most loved parts of the course! It is so good for all of us to make that time to slow down and observe.

  9. I love all the blogs I have been introduced to this week. I can’t wait to see what else I can learn from them. I was unable to comment on Seemi’s blog and I don’t have an account to comment on Rob’s. I am very inspired to take your courses if I just have enough courage. How long do you have access to a self-paced course as I have some vacations coming up?

    1. Linda, I am so glad you enjoyed the blogs on the hop! I think Dawn, Seemi, and Rob are all really amazing people!Thank you so much and I am so glad you are feeling inspired by the courses! You are always welcome to comment on the corresponding days here if you would like to share something that inspired you.

      If you are feeling timid, let me assure you that a very supportive and encouraging environment has been carefully cultivated for these courses. Many of the people in the course are beginners, or felt shy about sharing their work, but because of the wonderful support in the community, they have gained tons of confidence and now freely share, explore, and experiment with drawing and painting their world! I am so proud of them! If you are looking for a caring community within which to begin nature journaling, this is it for sure!!

      AND, the great news is that you have unlimited access for the life of the courses/websites, which is longer than I see into the future! They won’t get in the way of vacationing at all! Week 3 of Draw Yourself Back to Nature actually even talks about ways to creatively connect with nature while you travel!

  10. Such a great blog hop! I’m trying to incorporate nature journaling into my every day routine–even if it’s just a few sentences recapping a hike or a bird or flower sighting at the end of the day–but I hope that an upcoming vacation will give me the time and motivation to reset and add sitting and drawing to the mix. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Thank you Andrea! A few minutes everyday is like a recharge plug in! Vacations are great ways to kickstart a new routine of nature everyday. Week 3 in Draw Yourself Back to Nature even talks about ways to connect with nature while traveling! Thank you for hopping!!

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