Welcome to the blog hop Day 4!!

Today is a special treat for all you school and children’s gardeners out there! Let me introduce you to Rob Terry of the blog and actual garden, The Garden at Oswegatchie School!

Rob and his wife Cynthia, the school’s librarian, run a really fantastic school garden program that incorporates their loves of the arts, gardening, and reading!!! A perfect combo I’d say!!

Rob and Cynthia were also participants in Draw Yourself Back to nature and the started implementing their learning from the eCourse into their school garden program almost immediately! Superb right? I know!!! I was super impressed too and very excited to see the ways they adapted the lessons to fit the needs of their school and students!

Rob is a designer by morning and school gardener by afternoon. He wanted to grow his skills as a painter of nature’s wonders, and discover new ways to use the creative nature connection in the school garden and to enhance the lives of the students, so Draw Yourself Back to Nature and Connecting with Color really fit his goals perfectly!

Hop over to The Garden at Oswegatchie School blog now and discover new ways you can use the arts and nature journaling to connect yourself and the children in your lives to nature in deeper ways!

Do you incorporate the arts into your outdoor experiences?

Share the ways you creatively connect with nature in the comments here or on Rob’s blog to be entered to win!

Seeds to Sprout:

Learn more about the Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse here!

Learn more about the Connecting with Color eCourse here!

The self paced version of Draw Yourself Back to Nature is $45

The self paced Connecting with Color eCourse is $27

Get the bundle of the 2 courses for $67! So cheap for so much great information and a super excuse to make time for art and nature!!

& Comment to win……

Admission to the Connecting with Color eCourse will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter to a question posed in Friday’s final Blog Hop post


Access to the Draw Yourself Back to Nature and Connecting with Color eCourse Bundle will be awarded to a person who comments on every post in the Blog Hop! I will look at the comments, and out of the people who comment on every post I will draw one lucky winner (or really random.org will draw one).

Winners will be announced in the Tuesday 6/30 blog post.


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  1. Art is always integrated in our outdoor experiences. One thing we love to do is use leaves, twigs, petals, etc to make faces and people. One of my favorite instagram accts. Is #facethefoliage

  2. What we do is we take nature elements in our art time. We pick leaves and make leaf rubbings we try to paint with sticks etc.

  3. I am somewhat ashamed to admit I have not combined nature and the arts in my classroom. That will have to be a goal for next year. Since I now own a copy of your book it will be an easier goal to meet! I do love to take photographs and have done a bit of nature photography for myself.

    1. That’s okay!! Nature is always there for us when we are ready!!! I hope you find lots of inspiration in the book! Nature photo is really fun and a great way to get techy people connecting too!

  4. Ways we combine art and outdoor experiences are cutting garden flowers and having the children arrange them, freedom to draw or paint them, introduce artists who paint flowers such as O’Keefe, Van Gogh, Monet; use collected leaves for rubbings, matching, collage, sun catcher; using vegetables and fruits for print making; pressing flowers to make cards and laminated book marks; ephemeral art collage using a large tree cookie as a base and decorating with all sorts of little natural objects; weave grasses, found feathers and leaves, etc onto a twig frame, etc!

  5. How great! Every school should have a garden.

    I use drawing, writing, and photography to bring creativity to nature…and nature into creativity.

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