Welcome to Day 3 of the Blog Hop!!

Today we hop over to the Trillium Montessori Blog by Seemi Abdullah! I am completely thrilled to introduce Seemi because she is a true powerhouse of action.

From running a school, to creating an amazing line of Montessori Primary 3 part card materials on every subject you can imagine (with some really great nature inspired cards!!), to writing and facilitating a blog that is an invaluable resource for any progressive educator, to being a really really really super nice person, Seemi is someone to get on your radar for sure!!!

And in the spirit of all her amazing resources, I made you a printable for today!! But you have to  go to her blog to get it!!

Use this printable fun sheet with your children, students, or just yourself to get observing and creatively connecting with nature’s colors!!

Hop over to the Trillium Montessori Blog now for the printable and more ideas on summer nature fun that you can use in camps, the classroom, or the backyard with your own family!!


Like Seemi, how do you inspire others to learn about their rainbow filled natural world?

Or what inspires you to learn about nature’s rainbow of colors, textures, and life in your backyard?

Share in the comments here or on Seemi’s blog to win!!

Seeds to Sprout:

It’s also Wonder Wednesday, hooray!! Check out this month’s Wonder Wednesday #34: Nature Bracelets activity here!

Learn more about the Draw Yourself Back to Nature eCourse here!

Learn more about the Connecting with Color eCourse here!

The self paced version of Draw Yourself Back to Nature is $45

The self paced Connecting with Color eCourse is $27

Get the bundle of the 2 courses for $67! So cheap for so much great information and a super excuse to make time for art and nature!!

& Comment to win……

Admission to the Connecting with Color eCourse will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter to a question posed in Friday’s final Blog Hop post


Access to the Draw Yourself Back to Nature and Connecting with Color eCourse Bundlewill be awarded to a person who comments on every post in the Blog Hop! I will look at the comments, and out of the people who comment on every post I will draw one lucky winner (or really random.org will draw one).

Winners will be announced in the Tuesday 6/30 blog post.

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  1. When my kids were little, we used to have “rainbow scavenger hunts” where we’d go out and look for items in nature in all of the rainbow colors…it was a great reminder that there are a lot of bright things going on outside, even in winter when all seems dull and gray.

    1. Andrea, So true!!! Even in winter when things seem “dead” there are so many tints and shades of the rainbow to be found as well as quite little wonders just waiting for discovery!

  2. Wow, great question! I do a lot of nature and science lessons and exploration with my kids at school. We have a nature tray that they love to add to from home or just outside at school. We even had a perfectly flattened whole baby snake this year! At home I share a lot of photos from my garden on Facebook and on my blog at times. This seems to have inspired others to see what they can do in their back yards.

    1. Beth, I love the nature tray or basket!! Sometimes I feel like my whole house starts to turn into one big nature display with sharks teeth and flowers here and shells and seeds there, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! That snake sounds crazy! what a find! I agree too that seeing what is possible through sharing photos really helps inspire others!

  3. We’ve gone on nature walks when studying about the seasons, but we were looking for textures, not colours. So this is something new to try!

  4. I have made a color wheel printable and laminated it to put in our nature study tool bag. We take it with us and match up the colors of things we find in nature to the color wheel. It’s so neat because if we don’t look carefully most of what we see is green and we miss out on the beauty of other colors.

  5. I think my love for colors is the one that makes me look in nature for more colors. I love colors and they are so many with all their shades. And we can see them the best in nature. I always feel inspired there. It is the way how to learn about design too.

  6. In our school garden we purposefully choose flowers and vegetables of many different colors, textures, scents. We read books such as Plant a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and then the children have fun planting the seeds and seedlings in the spring. We also plant flower bulbs and make a journal of each one as they bloom in the spring. So exciting to watch them begin to pop out in February (purple, yellow and white crocuses are first!) fooled by a a variety of daffodils and tulip, snow drops and irises – a true rainbow of color!

    1. That is a greta lesson and book!! I love the bulb journal, I bet those are really fantastic! I would love to see your bulb rainbow!

  7. I love color hunts! We do a “warm” colors only hunt in the Fall. We have yet to try for the whole rainbow. Great idea!

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