Welcome to Day 2 of the Blog Hop!!

I am so glad you joined us and really excited to introduce Dawn Smith from the blog Mud Puddles to Meteors!!

Dawn is a major inspiration and resource for anyone wanted to get their children, and/or students, outdoor and deeply engaging with wild nature in all weather and seasons.

Living in Nova Scotia provides Dawn with costal and forest nature wonders galore and her Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes, so be sure to follower her!!

I was so fortunate to have Dawn as a participant in the first facilitated round of Draw Yourself Back to Nature and as a guinea pig for Connecting with Color, so she can give you some first hand insight on the ways that art has helped her connect with nature both personally and professionally!

Hop over to Mud Puddles to Meteors and see what tips, tricks, and experiences she has to share about using art and creativity to help connect humans and nature!

Like Dawn, how do you get out & enjoy nature in every season & weather?

Share in the comments below and

be sure to comment everyday to be entered to win!!

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Get the bundle of the 2 courses for $67! So cheap for so much great information and a super excuse to make time for art and nature!!

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Admission to the Connecting with Color eCourse will be awarded to a randomly drawn commenter to a question posed in Friday’s final Blog Hop post


Access to the Draw Yourself Back to Nature and Connecting with Color eCourse Bundle will be awarded to a person who comments on every post in the Blog Hop! I will look at the comments, and out of the people who comment on every post I will draw one lucky winner (or really random.org will draw one).

Winners will be announced in the Tuesday 6/30 blog post.




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  1. It can be hard to motivate myself to get out during the cold winter, I have to admit. I feel fortunate to work at a school that allows the children to bring in boots and snow pants so we can be outside during the snowy winter! The other three seasons are easy and I love having my 10 garden boxes at home in which to enjoy the beauty of nature.

    1. THat is great!! All weather school and 10 garden boxes!! Lucky!!! Maybe the nature journaling will be a good motivator for winter. Often in winter I go out and take pictures and then draw them back inside. Mittens and drawing don’t work so well!

  2. I LOVE Mud Puddles to Meteors! I’ve seen some of Dawn’s drawings on Instagram, and I can’t believe she doesn’t consider herself an artist.

    1. I agree!! I think the work she created in Draw Yourself Back to Nature was awesome. It was so great to watch her progress and be able to lend tips when needed. Sh created some really great paintings and drawings!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to answer the question….I try to get out in all weather, because it makes me feel good, but lately what’s really been getting me out is my Fitbit! Putting in 10,000 steps puts me in close contact with nature. 🙂

    1. Hhahaha!!! That is great! It’s amazing how many steps you can make without realizing it when you are somewhere great!

    1. Kathy, kids are so excited about using art to learn about nature and vice versa. I was so excited when my first class of students loved it as much as I did!

  4. Thankfully the seasons here in Louisiana are pretty mild. It does get a bit hot here in the summer so anywhere where it’s appropriate to wear a swimsuit and play in water is a great opportunity to observe nature around us (beach, lake, water hose in the back yard).

    1. I hear that! I live in Florida, so there is a lot of beach and swimsuit nature happening – anywhere where mosquitoes aren’t!

  5. I think the beauty of seasons encourages me to get out. They all are so unique and I am so blessed to live in the place where all seasons can be seen and experienced.

  6. I walk a mile to work and back so I am in nature every day and watch the seasonal changes. We do the same at school with our vegetable and perennial flower garden. We take nature walks and set up an indoor nature table to explore natural objects throughout the year. I also have a garden at home to enjoy. I love it all!

  7. We do our best to get out daily…after weeks of snow in the winter it gets hard to find the motivation…but going out with a purpose helps! We like to feed the birds in the winter and enjoy doing so from our hands.

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