If the children in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they love to pick up feathers. I’m not sure what exactly attracts children to feathers. It could be the idea of flight, the lightness, the colors, or their usefulness for decorating everything from their hair to sandcastles. Whatever the reason, feathers are very interesting to children, and the more we learn about them they become interesting to adults as well!


Cornell University has just launched a new website all about bird feathers with lots of information and interactive features involving how feathers work and lots of videos about bird biology. While it is no replacement for actual involvement with birds through birdwatching, nature walks, and feeders in the yard, it is a great follow-up resource for projects evolving out of the interest sparked from the primary bird encounters.


This spring as your feeders get crowded with all the local and migrating birds, take the opportunity to learn a little more about how fascinating birds and their feathers can be. This new feather focused website is great because it offers content appropriate for all ages of students and can really enhance bird biology and physiology curricula at any level. It also covers birds from around the world so you can integrate bird studies into your geography lessons as well!

What birds are you seeing around the yard lately?

What’s your favorite thing to do with feathers? Let us know in the comments!

Seeds to Sprout:

Start learning more about feathers today on the All About Feathers site

Take advantage of the free Bird Sleuth curriculum

Learn the ins and outs of feeding bluebirds

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One last shot of the Eastern Bluebirds in my neighbor’s yard. They were so fun to watch. Try putting a feeder in your yard and enjoy the entertainment of the feisty hungry babies and the graceful adults. 



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