Summer is a great time to push the reset button. Relaxed paces, no school, long sunny days, and perfect temperatures set the stage for all kinds of possibilities and new beginnings. Everything from trying new recipes, to getting crafty, to getting outside a lot all seem more possible when summer’s smile is on our faceSo this month, I’m going to be posting all kinds of things you can join and do to give your summer that sustained little boost of awesome you want! 


But…sometimes to accomplish our list of summer goals, even though they are fun and our choice, it helps to have some accountability. Accountability partners help us reach success in all areas of our lives for sure. I definitely need someone to call me out when I start to slack!! (Feel free to message me on FB or email me if you think I’m ever slacking!!! I will thank you!)

Do you have a goal to get yourself, your children, and/or your family outside more this summer?

Start off your get outside more this summer goal, by joining the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge! We Are Wilderness is the organization hosting the event and is website for “people who love Nature and want to learn how they can deepen their connection to the Natural World.”


Their mission is “to introduce people to a more wild and natural way of living. In doing this, we hope to inspire people to preserve and protect the natural wildlife and ecosystems of the planet.” It’s only 30 minutes a day for 30 days. EASY!!  And you will probably embed a really wonderful habit into your daily routine. Take half of that bonus daylight savings hour and dedicate it to your relationship with nature!

What are the benefits of “rewilding your life”?

Increase feelings of happiness and well-being

Unplug and de-stress

Feel healthier

Explore Nature

Get your friends and family outside with you

Improve your physical fitness in a fun and natural way

Get to know yourself on a deeper level

Connect and participate with thousands of others from around the world

I’d say all those benefits sound pretty great! What do you have to lose? Only a few pounds! What do you have to gain? Tan skin, relaxation, and fun memories! Join me and commit to Rewild today!


I’ll keep you posted all month on Twitter and Instagram as to what I’m doing to rewild during my month long workshop tour and trip to Virginia, NYC, and Bloomington IN!

Follow me on Twitter @wingswormswondr and Instagram @wingswormsandwonder to make sure I’m accountable! Share your summer rewilding too  and we can hold each other accountable!

What are your summer outside goals? What are your summer outdoor traditions?

Who could you share them with this summer? Share them with us?!


Seeds to Sprout:

Sign up for the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge!

Check out my June tour! Are any events near you? Yes, well join up and come say hi!

Check out the We Are Wilderness blog

Follow your cohorts in rewilding and get inspiration for getting outside on the We Are Wildness Facebook page All the cool infographics on this post are from it!

Do you have fitness goals this summer? Accomplish them outside by joining the Rewild Your Body 30 Day Program

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