Setting up an outdoor classroom at school or home can seem overwhelming and take a back seat to setting up the indoor classroom or to regular house work. If you are setting up a new garden or outdoor classroom the Getting Started chapter of the guide will be a fantastic resource. You will find ample practical advice drawn from questions I have been asked and learned through trial and error over the years including: how to compost, involving the maintenance staff of your school, planting schedules, and lessons and instructions for fun supplies like how to create nature journals. Additionally, the Resources section at the end will provide you with great companies that have high quality gardening and outdoor learning supplies. This information grown from my trials and experience will save you the time and trouble!

Keep in mind that supplies can be accumulated over time and that children will have meaningful experiences in nature with or with out the perfect set of gardening tools, it is all in how you present it. If you are excited about being in the garden, they will be too. And if your budget doesn’t allow for a classroom set of trowels don’t worry, kids like to dig with their hands in the rich garden soil!

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