I saw this quote recently and I thought what a perfect reminder. As we come off a month of devastating natural disasters, years of unsettling politics, and look to an unpredictable future, a little love is never too little.


A kind word to a stranger here,

a small bit of help there,

a call, visit, or letter to let friends and family know you care,

planting a little patch of flowers where many people can enjoy them.


These examples help us feel connected, they help us feel safe, and they ease our minds and hearts.

Amongst all the craziness in recent life, I increasingly hear stories around town of people being “paid forward,” I see people joining together to help strangers in times of need, and I feel a little better. I see the opposite end of things too, but those encounters are eased by the balance of little acts of love.

So never feel like any offering you give is too small. Like EO Wilson once reminded us – a single ant weighs nothing, but the biomass of all the ants on Earth weighs about as much as all the humans once did. That’s a lot of weight  to add up for good. The smallest things add up to become the biggest things!


What little act of love could you throw someone’s way this week?

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