They Gave You a Garden, But Now What? Art and Gardening as Threads for Preserving Wonder and Weaving Learning Across Montessori Curricula

Montessori Foundation Conference: Friday, November 8, 2013, 3 PM

Presenter: Kelly Johnson


    • Johnson, Kelly. Wings, Worms, and Wonder: A Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning Into Children’s Lives
    • Broda, Herbert W. Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8
    • Bucklin-Sporer, Arden, and Rachel Kathleen Pringle. How to Grow a School Garden: A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers 
    • Carson, Rachel. The Sense of Wonder
    • Kahn, Peter H., Jr. and Stephen R. Kellert, eds. Children and Nature: Psychological, Sociocultural, and Evolutionary Investigations
    • Leslie, Tallamadge, and Wessels. Into The Field: A Guide to Locally Focused Teaching 
    • Mercogliano, Chris. In Defense of Childhood: Protecting Kids’ Inner Wildness
    • Nabhan, Gary Paul, Stephen Trimble. The Geography of Childhood: Why Children Need Wild Places
    • Naidus, Beverly. Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame
    • Plotkin, Bill. Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World
    • Sobel, David. Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart in Nature Education
    • –––. Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities
    • –––. Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators
    • Stone, Michael K., and Center For Ecoliteracy. Smart By Nature: Schooling For Sustainability
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